Edge of the Web Radio is a weekly, hour long Internet Marketing program hosted by Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck from Site Strategics and Douglas Karr from Marketing Tech Blog.

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EP 216: Building A Sustainable Content Marketing Plan w/Paddy Moogan

By |March 14th, 2017|Interview, podcast|

Paddy Moogan, the former florist and law student, is the co-founder of Aira, a digital marketing agency based in the UK. Paddy is a well-known SEO and has been working in SEO since 2004 when he was meant to be studying for a law degree and got bored. He was [...]

EP 215: Branding and Programmatic Advertising w/Maureen Jann

By |February 28th, 2017|Interview, podcast|

Maureen Jann is the Director of Marketing at Point It and host of the podcast Fine Point Digital Marketing. We had a great discussion with Maureen and covered a variety of topics. Mainly, we focused on branding, programmatic advertising, and her love of crochet and fancy shoes! What are programmatic [...]

EP 214: Running an Idealistic SEO Agency w/Mike Arnesen

By |February 20th, 2017|Interview, podcast|

Mike Arnesen is the owner and CEO of Upbuild, a 100% remote consulting agency that specializes in end-to-end optimization. Mike joined us on the podcast from his home office in Portland, OR and we wanted to talk with him about his unique way of running an agency. Upbuild is not [...]