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Show 42 : Client Showcase : Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

Saturday 23 March 2013 / in podcast / by Erin Sparks / 0 comment

Show 42 : Client Showcase : Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

SEO Radio Podcast

Site Strategics Client Showcase: Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing

Had great success with our client Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing during the 2012 IndyCar Season! We’re back again this 2013 Season. Listen to Drew Coomes, Director of Marketing with SFHR, as we talk about what they were able to accomplish with the Site Strategics team!

How to get Customer Reviews for your Local Listings

Did you miss our last episode? You can catch up by watching to the YouTube page!

Love them or hate them, hashtags are reportedly coming to Facebook – sometime – and most marketers couldn’t be happier.


Some are spotting new author images appearing in Bing’s search results today, similar to the way Google shows author images. Except, they’re not really author images. They’re what I’d call subject images, something that might be coming more formally to Bing.


There are now more than 500 million devices in US homes connected to the Internet. Furthermore, the average number of devices per US Internet household has grown from 5.3 devices just three months ago to 5.7 today.




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