Dan Shure

Dan is not only a renowned podcast host and producer of the highly acclaimed ‘Experts on the Wire’ with an impressive lifetime download count of over 800,000+, but he is also a talented musician and a sought-after speaker at esteemed events such as Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World, SMX, ContentJam, and Agents of Change. Operating his own boutique SEO consultancy based in Worcester, Massachusetts, Dan offers specialized services to clients spanning the globe, leveraging his extensive 15 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with prestigious organizations including GBH (Boston’s NPR and PBS), Zappos, Harvard Business Review, Gartner, ButcherBox, and many others, leaving a lasting impact on their digital presence and success.

Notably, Dan’s podcast stands as one of the top SEO podcasts in the industry, maintaining its influential status for years. With his unwavering passion for the field, Dan finds excitement in the ever-changing and evolving nature of the industry. He thrives on the constant growth and transformation, continuously adapting to the latest trends and developments to deliver exceptional results for his clients. Through his podcast, speaking engagements, and consultancy work, Dan remains at the forefront of the industry, empowering businesses and individuals to navigate the dynamic world of SEO with expertise and confidence.

You can reach Dan and Evolving SEO on Twitter @dan_shure or via LinkedIn


Recent Shows with Dan Shure
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    558 | Optimizing Search Content Like a Comedian w/ Dan Shure558 | Optimizing Search Content Like a Comedian w/ Dan ShureInterview / podcastConnecting Comedy and Music with Digital Marketing Our final podcast of 2022 doesn’t fail to deliver as we tackle the content optimization with an analogy: treating it like you would if you were a comedian! Dan Shure, the host of Experts on the Wire podcast, joins Erin again in the second segment of his interview in 2022. Dan shares a solid content creation perspective, focusing on intent before E-E-A-T. The challenge is that the content, once produced, often doesn’t get a second look! Dan has some great examples of success that he has seen for the consumer intent focus before anything else. The connection between music theory and digital marketing is also explored, focusing on two main concepts: Understanding the Large and Small concepts of content integration and the perspective of Patterns. If you like this show, let us know by going to RateThisPodcast.com/EDGE to share! Thanks for the great feedback this year. Introducing Dan Shure Always a Focus On Content Optimization Zero Time Thinking About E-E-A-T What is the QRG Really There For? Attention to Sentiment: Important Factor for SEO Using Images to Secure the Topic of Your Article, Use Google Lens Looking At Content Optimization Like a Comedian Loss of Indexed Pages: The New First for SEO? Indexing: If It’s Important, Link to it From Your Homepage Digital Marketing Lessons to Learn from Music Two Tools for Content Optimization from Dan Shure <quillbot-extension-port< span=””>al></quillbot-extension-port<>     [...] December 31, 2022
  • 557 | Finding or Creating Your Podcast Niche with Dan Shure
    557 | Finding or Creating Your Podcast Niche with Dan Shure557 | Finding or Creating Your Podcast Niche with Dan ShureInterview / podcastStart and End with Research Dan Shure, host of Experts of the Wire podcast, returns to join the EDGE. He discusses how the show came about in 2015 and the factors of the success of a podcast with today’s digital consumers.  There are some huge lessons that the EDGE team shares in common with Dan and his show.  We were eager to discuss how podcasting flourished through COVID and what kept some of them afloat after.  Dan shares some podcasting tips with our listeners as he reflects on one of the most important elements of podcasts – research. Join one of the EDGE’s astute colleagues, Dan Shure, as we go on the Wire with this Expert! Introducing Dan Shure SEO Came From Necessity How the SEO Podcast Affected Dan’s Business Audio Quality Is a Separator in the Podcast Space When Dan’s SEO Skills Took Off Some Lessons Learned About Podcasting Research is the Key Companies that Jumped Into Podcasting During COVID Oversaturation of the Medium? Podcast Tips: Equipment? Find Your Niche or Create One Education from the Podcast Discipline Asking 50 Experts <quillbot-extension-port< span=””>al></quillbot-extension-port<> [...] December 27, 2022