Facebook is releasing new video metrics data for its page administrators. Facebook will be adding demographic, geographic, live engagements, and share/cross-posting data – all of which are exportable and accessible through the Insights tab in the page admin.

Marketing Land had a great breakdown of screenshots and information with some of the latest video metric data that Facebook is using for page admins.

New Metric Data

Within the audience demographic data, you can see age, gender, and geographic locations – all available within the “Audience Engagement” card, within the video insights section.

Also in the update is improved live video engagement data. Now, you will be able to track and report viewer engagements throughout the video and will show reactions by type as well. All reactions can be isolated to show any particular sentiment at any point in the video.

The last bit of updated data includes shared & cross-posted video data. This section of your Facebook analytics will feature a new metric called “page owned vs. shared” and it will help show where the views came from your page fans, or from someone who isn’t a fan of your page.

How We Use Facebook’s Video

If you are a fan of the podcast, you’ll see us post videos from the show every week. Mainly, I like to use them to highlight and tease this week’s podcast. Sometimes it will be a cool story, industry related news, but most of the time they’ll highlight some of the funny moments we have on the podcast. So, if you don’t follow us on Facebook right now!

And here is one of our funnier Facebook videos we have done…the awkward Beyonce question.

The Awkward Beyonc√© Question….Generally, when you say something that just doesn’t sound right…it isn’t recorded on tape….WELLLL, unfortunately for Erin Sparks it was recorded and it was hilarious. Sorry Bossman!

Posted by Edge of the Web Radio on Tuesday, April 19, 2016