Andrew Cock-Starkey (aka Andrew Optimisey) started to hold small conferences at a local college to help inform some of the local businesses of the best standards for digital marketing and search engine optimization. But that small college was Cambridge and you would not believe who came to speak there. Free pizza and beer didn’t hold a candle to the top-level thought leaders sharing their craft. This is our SEO community and Andrew Optimisey may have just shown us how to get together again after 16 months of shutdown. Small, hybrid, tactical SEO conferences. That’s the play here on EDGE of the Web.

[00:07:41] The Cambridge events: Getting smart people to come and share.

[00:09:47] SEO thought leaders who have spoken at the Cambridge events.

[00:13:43] The SEO industry giving back, caring and sharing.  Is it unique among industries?

[00:16:43] A Cambridge virtual event just won’t cut it.

[00:00:00] Are small conferences the future for our industry?