Olga Zarzeczna appears on the EDGE for her second segment as we discuss her recent articles, a list of 52 SEO tools from Google and 79 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO as well as the incredible success she has had with your consultancy, being that her site has only been indexed for a year.  This is how you do content, folks!  Providing value every step of the way, here on the EDGE.

[00:07:28] What spurred you to actually start your own business? 

[00:09:26] Olga’s initial strategy for her site. The uniqueness of her content.

[00:16:30] How she’s keeping her knowledge sharpened.

[00:24:06] Google Tools: Google Search Console Insights

[00:25:19] Google Tools: Core Web Vitals

[00:31:25] Google Tools: Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse

[00:35:05] Google Tools: Google Chrome Dev tools

[00:36:47] Google Tools: Data Highlighter

[00:38:48] SEO Chrome Extensions: Olga’s Best Pics!