We continue our conversation with Kristina Azarenko, educating people through her SEO Challenge (#SEOChallenge). We break down some of the learning blocks when it comes to SEO and how to navigate your continued education inside of the organization you work for.  Improving the value of your own SEO skillsets is just as important as the SEO talent you bring to your company.

Kristina Azarenko 45-day SEO Challenge

[00:03:08] The John Mueller tweet that should be heard around the SEO world. SEO audit tools create “Hundreds of Recommendations. Most of these are not going to be relevant to your sites”

[00:07:32] Do we need to shield our clients from spam notifications of SEO issues?

[00:14:05] Lack of Structure is your enemy.

[00:18:17] SEO knowledge structure should be like shelves.

[00:21:29] How do you keep learning a priority, in an agency or organization.

[00:27:40] Bringing value to yourself, not just the company you work for.