With Kristina Azarenko educating people through her SEO Challenge (#SEOChallenge), we thought it would be great to get her and Erin Sparks together to talk about how SEOs can stop chasing perfection. Plus, any of our listeners can use the code EDGE at her course’s checkout to receive a special 20% Discount!—she didn’t pay us to promote; we just love it and want to pass it along.

Kristina Azarenko 45-day SEO Challenge

[00:07:54] Starting SEO with the right mindset.

[00:00:00] Is there a particular attitude that we should have while performing SEO?

[00:16:06] Obsession can be a good thing at times, but “out-of-context” panic on technical SEO issues are harmful

[00:16:37] Reactive SEO – Is it worse that FOMO?

[00:22:31] Agency SEO starts with communication and a deeper understanding.

[00:24:01] Setting SEO priorities.