The end of the year is here and we covered so much on today’s show.  Not really – it was a Matrix 4 bashfest.  A couple of news items, yadda yadda and how bad could a movie suck?  Truly?  Thanks to Barry Schwartz, Matt Southern, Kevin Indig and Garret Sussmann for their articles, but the thanks really goes to Warner Brothers for making the Matrix 4, what a great gift to end the year with. 

AWT: Analyze your own website and find out why you’re not getting more leads from it.

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  • [00:00:54] Our Matrix4 reviews/bashing 
  • [00:08:20] TikTok takes the crown of WORLD’S MOST POPULAR DOMAIN from Google
  • [00:11:31] G-Rated sounding domains that lead to not-so-G-rated sites don’t show up in Google Search… unless you pay for ads.
  • [00:19:28] We’ve got your Predictions, YOU’RE PREDICTIONS HERE!

See you next year!