The EDGE team tackles the Steelers entering the playoffs, key articles from Matt Southern, George Nguyen and Sean Hollister, as well as a poll regarding out take on Shopify getting Yoast. But what is most notable this week is the lack of a Barry Schwartz article. What gives, Erin? Join us for a few laughs and digital marketing news.

AWT: Analyze your own website and find out why you’re not getting more leads from it.

  • [04:46] Google Launches Shops Section in Mobile Search
  • [12:28] | Title Sponsor of EDGE of the Web
  • [13:32] Shopify SEO Gets Easier With Yoast App
  • [21:09] Our Poll This Week
  • [22:44] Our New Sponsor:
  • [23:56] Google Exec Say Apple is Holding Back Customers Who Text
  • [29:45] Site Strategics, Sponsor of the EDGE