Mueller-Bot Says…..Eat More Chicken!

Recording from our home studios this week, EDGE rolled out its review of 4 digital news stories this week from Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land and, yup, Search Engine Journal.   All the Searches!  We experienced the full immersion into the John Mueller AI – Mueller-bot.  We think we should have a dedicated segment just for that.  

  • [00:02:46] Ad Revenue growth reported by both Google and Microsoft
  • [00:05:39] EDGE of the Web Title Sponsor: Site Strategics
  • [00:06:26] Would you ask SEO questions to a bot based on John Mueller? It depends.  
  • [00:09:04] This Week’s Poll
  • [00:09:52] Google stealing content? Or are people stealing from Google? It’s the new Chicken or the Egg question.
  • [00:15:11] EDGE of the Web Sponsor:
  • [00:16:04] You can remove your personally identifiable information from Google Search Results