Sustaining Relations With Your Clients

Discover the significance of migrating to Google Analytics 4 and harnessing its noteworthy capabilities. This week, we’re delighted to reintroduce Matt Holz to expand even deeper into the new capabilities of GA4 and emphasize the crucial role data plays in establishing a valuable knowledge bank for your clients. Plus, gain valuable insights from Matt as he shares his unique career path, now serving as a team member for a former client. Discover everything you must know about GA4 in order to achieve the highest level of performance, on this episode of The EDGE of The Web!

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  • [00:03:49] Introducing Matt Holz
  • [00:05:16] Tracking Events and Micro Conversions in GA4
  • [00:07:38] Customizable Metrics Reporting within GA4
  • [00:10:22] Avoiding Errors When Building GA4 Reports
  • [00:12:15] Found Search’s Role In Client Migration Into GA4
  • [00:16:19] EDGE of the Web Title Sponsor: Site Strategics
  • [00:17:04] Looker Studio’s Relationship to GA4 vs. Universal Analytics 3
  • [00:20:15] Limitations of GA4
  • [00:27:28] Importance of Being a Data Advocate For Your Clients
  • [00:30:19] EDGE of The Web Sponsor: Wix
  • [00:31:00] Alternatives to Google Analytics 4
  • [00:31:00] Insight to Matt Holz’s Career Path