Brad Geddes

Brad Geddes is a well-respected and influential figure in the realm of digital marketing, celebrated for his profound insights and groundbreaking contributions. As the co-founder of Adalysis, he has paved an illustrious path that has significantly impacted the industry.

Boasting an extensive career spanning several decades, Brad’s journey underscores his steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence. His role in shaping the landscape of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is evident, and his expertise has empowered numerous businesses to navigate the intricacies of online advertising with finesse.

Brad’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and mastery has positioned him as an authoritative voice within the digital marketing community. His adeptness at simplifying intricate concepts and delivering actionable strategies has earned him admiration from both emerging marketers and seasoned experts.

As a thought leader, Brad has shared his wisdom across various platforms, encompassing industry conferences, seminars, and esteemed publications. His commitment to education shines through in his captivating speaking engagements and meticulously crafted content that resonates across diverse audiences.

Brad can be contacted on Twitter @bgtheory or via LinkedIn.

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