Ola King

Hailing from Nigeria and currently making waves in British Columbia, Canada, Ola King stands out as an Independent Consultant with a proven record as an interdisciplinary problem-solver. In the tech realm, Ola’s journey includes a noteworthy stint as a former UX Researcher at Moz. Notably, he has left his mark as the emcee/host of multiple MozCon events and as the host of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday series.

Beyond his hosting prowess, Ola is a Notion Ambassador, showcasing his commitment to innovative tools such as the SEO Growth Kit, BlackRoot, Sweeft, and more. With a self-professed identity as an SEO nerd, Ola is dedicated to making SEO more user-friendly through creative design strategies.

In addition to his impactful contributions, Ola is intrigued by the complex issues surrounding the impact of AI on searchers, search engines, and businesses creating content. His enthusiasm for understanding these intricacies reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of evolving trends in the digital landscape.

Ola can be contacted on Twitter/X @justolaking or via LinkedIn.

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