Dr. Pete Meyers, the Marketing Scientist of Moz, just published a blog on showing that the number of Google page-1 results that are HTTPS have crossed the 50% mark – meaning that of all the domains on page-1 of a Google SERP, 50% of them are secure websites.

Dr. Pete tracked 10,000 popular keyword phrases for this study and while he hasn’t seen any drastic jumps, the number was only at 30% nine months ago.

Google has been pushing for webmasters to make their websites secure but the adoption rate has been slow. In fact, in his article, Dr. Pete said that some major websites have yet to make the jump to HTTPS – like Bestbuy.com, eBay, Home Depot, Target, WebMD and more (us too!).

He also reached out to Google’s Gary Illyes to see if Google will boost the algorithmic reward for HTTPS adopters – and the answer was no.

To read more about his research, click here.