In the last few weeks, Facebook has announced a couple new features that will help their users broadcast live on their Facebook feed – Live Audio and Live 360.

Live Audio

Live Audio is a new way for publishers and users to broadcast audio-only content through their Facebook page. Facebook is pitching this tool as a way for publishers to be able to broadcast while having a weaker network – as the audio broadcast won’t take up as much bandwidth as a live video would.

Broadcasters will be able to go live on Facebook, just like with video, and listeners will be able to discover live audio content within their News Feed and be able to leave reactions in real-time during the broadcast.

This feature is not available for all users yet, it will be tested through a few pages – but they said in their announcement that they expect for Live Audio to be released in early 2017.

Live 360

Just like the current Live Video feature on Facebook, you will be able to use a 360-degree camera for your Facebook live. On December 13, Facebook launched Live 360 video with National Geographic at the Mars Desert Research Station Facility in Utah.

Here is how the video looked from a desktop view:

This feature is also not available to all users yet but it is expected to be released in early 2017.