While the main news from Pubcon was the mobile first index announcement, another piece of news was also announced. At last week’s Pubcon, Google’s Gary Illyes said that people should still use the Google Disavow tool for their websites.

This topic has become an issue of late as many SEOs have said that with the new way that Google Penguin 4.0 now already devalues those spammy websites and bad links, the use of the disavow tool has become extinct. You can hear our thoughts on this subject at the beginning of this episode of our podcast.

Alternatively, Jennifer Slegg has said on her blog multiple times that ignoring the disavow tool and even removing your disavow file is a bad idea.

So, should you still use the disavow file? That’s up to you. I tend to lean on the side of Google, as I see it can only help your website and not hurt it. If they give you the tool, you should use it.