In a blog post, posted by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Instagram announced a new custom keyword filter that will allow users automatically hide inappropriate comments from users. This feature will pull from a default list from Instagram, but you can customize that list to fit your profile.

Systrom said in the post:

The first feature we’re introducing is a keyword moderation tool that anyone can use. Now, when you tap the gear icon on your profile, you’ll find a new Comments tool. This feature lets you list words you consider offensive or inappropriate. Comments with these words will be hidden from your posts. You can choose your own list of words or use default words we’ve provided. This is in addition to the tools we’ve already developed such as swiping to delete comments, reporting inappropriate comments and blocking accounts.

We know tools aren’t the only solution for this complex problem, but together, we can work towards keeping Instagram a safe place for self-expression. My commitment to you is that we will keep building features that safeguard the community and maintain what makes Instagram a positive and creative place for everyone.

Below is a screenshot showing you where you can edit your setting to block inappropriate comments.