Instagram announced on their blog that within the next month, they will begin rolling out four new features that will help advertisers with better ad performance.

Since the rollout of Instagram ads in 2015, Instagram has been working to improve the performance of the ads. Through a series of eye-tracking studies, an enhanced call-to-action button that extended across the full width of the ad was released in June of 2015 – which caused a performance increase of more than 45%. And along with that enhanced call to action, the first change that Instagram will make is to improve that visibility even more by highlighting the call-to-action after resting on the ad for four seconds or by tapping on the profile name. Here is an example of how that will look:


The second change comes when you click on the profile name of an ad. When Instagrammers tap on the profile or comments, the same call-to-action will be visible. Here is an example of that:


A third change will allow the ad platform to display more details within the Instagram ad like price, destination URL, app store rating, etc. Here is an example of this:


The last change will impact video ads. When people tap to unmute the video, users will be taken to the destination URL while the video continues playing at the top of the screen. So users will then have the ability to watch the video and explore a website at the same time. Users can easily close out the video too to stay on the page. Here is an example of how that will work.