According to The Verge, on September 19th, Twitter will no longer count media attachments and quoted tweets towards the 140 character tweet limit. So, now when you are using an image, GIF, video, or a poll, you will have more room for text in Twitter (A play for ranking in Google??) to write your tweet or reply.

Another feature that The Verge reported in their article is usernames will not count in the 140 characters when they’re at the beginning of replies, giving users additional characters for text. The Verge said that they don’t know if this feature will come Monday as well or if this update will come in stages.

Twitter declined to comment on a rumor from earlier this year that they were looking at the adjusting the character count limit in Twitter (capping it at 10,000 characters) in an attempt to attract new users. Whether this newest update is an inch closer to that 10,000 limit is not clear, but look for this Twitter update this coming Monday.

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