Pinterest has announced an update to its chrome extension that will let users search for similar pictures on Pinterest, without even visiting the website.

In their blog post, the described how the new tool will work. To start doing visual searches, you’ll need to install Pinterest’s Pin It button, if you already installed it, it will update automatically. Now, when you visit a website, any image that you hover over will have a magnifying icon in the corner. Clicking on the magnifying glass will cause a pop-up to appear with similar images.

If you want to highlight a certain part of an image, then you can click and highlight the section of image to get similar results of your selection. Then, if you click on any of the results, you will be taken to Pinterest’s website.

This will be interesting to see how Pinterest continues to roll this feature out, as it already works within the Pinterest platform. Is this Pinterest’s way at trying to become the go-to search engine for images? Let us know in the comments below!