Pinterest announced several updates to the business profiles pages on Wednesday. Some of the new updates include a new rotating showcase, the ability to highlight boards and buyable pins and have a consistent design across the web and mobile.

Rotating Showcase

The new rotating showcase is at the top of your business profile – so it will be the first thing your followers see when they click on your profile.

With the showcase feature, you can use it to introduce yourself or tell your company’s story by selecting five boards.

Once you have chosen your five featured boards, you can also highlight any “buyable pins” your page may have in the “shop” slot.

Consistent Design

Before this update, Pinterest’s mobile apps and desktop websites were not consistent. Now, your highlighted boards and pins will look the same across both platforms.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

Now when people visit your profile, they see a tab for your boards and a tab for your Pins—the things they’re most interested in. So if someone wants the total number of ideas you’ve saved, they just switch over to your Pins tab. Meanwhile, the Pins you’ve Liked, which other people don’t really care about, are only visible to you.

On mobile, your new showcase sits right where the stack of your most recent Pins used to be. So instead of starting people off with a random sampling of your latest saves, you control what they see. We’ve also added a way for you to select new board cover images on your phone, so you can make adjustments when you’re out and about.