First Facebook, now Instagram. Instagram announced this weekend that you can now upload vertical photo and video ads in a 4:5 format.

In a blog post, Instagram provided some examples from Mulberry (@mulberryengland), Guarana Antarctica (@guaranaantarctica), and LG USA (@lgusamobile). They said they are seeing better view rates using the vertical format. Richard Lee, the Digital Manager for Guarana Antarctica said, “Vertical formats in mobile advertising are of great interest to us. With Instagram being such an important platform for our brand, we were really excited to test. First results seem promising!”

Instagram also said in their blog:

While these examples show that Instagrammers respond to vertical ads, we encourage you to experiment and find out which format—vertical, square or landscape—works best for the story you want to tell. We’re excited to offer more flexibility for advertisers creating on Instagram, and can’t wait to see what you’ll create.

We’ve talked about vertical video in the past on our podcast. And if you want my personal opinion on the matter, this video best sums it up: