Mathew Sweezey, the principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, joins us on the podcast this week.

Mathew has spoken at over 50 conferences this past year and his group at Salesforce has released some interesting statistics this past year.

This episode we are talking about the study called “The State of the Connected Customer” and how it relates to B2B companies and B2C companies.

Plus, Mathew is focused on writing his new book that will be released in early 2018. A title for the book has not been decided upon, but we discuss a good amount of the book’s content in this episode.

Also this week we talk with Douglas Karr of the Marketing Tech Blog and find out who were the most loved MarTech companies of 2016.

All this and more, this week on the EDGE!


6:45 – Start of News Segment
16:15 – Start of Interview with Mathew Sweezey
1:03:35 – Beginning of Segment with Douglas Karr