Five years ago we started a radio show on the northside of Indianapolis. We broadcasted live at 8 a.m. and decided to save the show as a podcast. In those five years, we’ve added Douglas Karr to the show, moved to a different radio station, to now broadcasting out of our own podcast studio in downtown Indianapolis. Thank you to everyone who has listened in the last five years!

On this special 5th anniversary episode, we are lucky to be joined by Dan Shure, Founder of Evolving SEO, and fellow podcaster – the host of Experts on the Wire. Dan and his wife Sarah run Evolving SEO together in Worcester, Massachusetts and he’s also an associate at Moz.

We had a great conversation with Dan about SEO which focused on how to find gaps in content, which he called “Opportunity Gaps.” Plus, we discuss how branding/advertising and SEO can intersect and can you make improvements to your homepage’s meta description? You bet you can! Listen to Dan talk about how Macy’s fails at this but gives several examples of who has great meta descriptions!

We also spend some time in the show discussing podcasting with Dan and talk about lessons we both have learned from doing our podcasts. Strangely enough, we also find out that the initials of both of our podcasts are “E-O-T-W.” Weird…

It was a fun conversation and we hope to have Dan on again in the near future!

With Douglas Karr of MarTech, we talk about a recent blog post on their website in which they argued that lead forms are dead. Do you agree? Find out about these topics and more, today on the EDGE!