Larry Kim, the founder and CTO of Wordstream, joins us on the podcast this week from a snowy Boston to discuss a variety of topic including RLSA, Machine Learning, Rank Brain, SEO Predictions for 2017 and his fascination with Unicorns.

Larry Kim founded WordStream in 2007 as a consultancy while it funded a team of engineers to develop and design software for search engine marketing automation. He is also a frequent blogger for Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Moz, Inc. Magazine, and others.

In our conversation, we dive deep into PPC and SEO with Larry and we find out more about his history, his 2-year-old son (#PPCKid), and his thoughts on the future of digital marketing. It was a fun interview with Larry and we hope our listeners enjoy our conversation!


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4:00 – Start of News (Larry Kim joins for the news)
18:05 – Start of Interview with Larry Kim
1:19:13 – Start of MarTech Segment