“Five years from now, the world is a dark and terrible place. Our lives and our experiences are managed by robots, machines, and artificial intelligence which are owned and operated by international conglomerates.”

Those words were spoken recently by today’s featured guest, Jono Alderson, at the Friends of Search 2017 conference a few months ago (link is below). Jono Alderson is the Principal Consultant for Distilled and he has spent the last two years researching and reading every press release, studying every merger and acquisition, analyzing every movement being made by some of these global companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Uber, and more.

This week we discuss with Jono why he thinks this future is a possibility and discuss how we can as marketers protect our jobs and improve our skill set for this new machine learning/AI world.

All this and more, today on THE EDGE!

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