David H. Lawrence XVII is an actor and professional voiceover talent and is best known for his role as Eric Doyle (The Puppet Master villain) in Heroes but has also had roles in The People vs. OJ Simpson, Cars 3 and Lost.

David had been in radio for over 30 years when he decided he wanted to change to become an actor and moved out to Los Angeles. After spending a few years training and gaining experience, he got his first paid role at the age of 50.

With his wealth of knowledge in radio and voiceover talent, David then decided to build an online training class called VO2GoGo that helps actors and voiceover talents use their voice to tell effective stories. Now, he is the process of developing a course called Camera Ready U – which is designed for actors, marketers, and anyone else who wants to improve their on-screen camera presence.

This week we talk with David about his background in radio, why he decided to change careers so late in life, and of course his acting career. Plus, we discuss his new training course and get a little preview of some of the topics he’ll talk about in the course.

All this and more, on the Edge!

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