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#EDGETALK : Fixing Your Website’s Technical SEO With Oncrawl

We were lucky to be joined this week by Francois Goube, founder of Oncrawl, from his home in Bourdeaux, France. We talked with Francois Goube to talk about Oncrawl and how SEOs can use the tool to improve their website’s SEO. We also find out a lot about Francois’s past as a semi-professional surfer and we find out what his go-to crepe! We had a great time talking with Francois and hope to have him on the show again!

A special that Oncrawl is doing for the show is to sign up for the tool using promo code “EDGEOFTHEWEB” and you’ll receive two months free of the tool!

Also in this show, we tackle the Microsoft purchase of LinkedIn, Facebook to become all video? and ads based on your emojis? Find out more about those topics and more – TODAY ON THE EDGE!