Scissors, Glue, and Rocks??

Erin Sparks and Jacob Mann are returning to bring you the hottest SEO news of the week. Mordy was absent this week, but worry not, as the great Michael King fills in!

Google AI overviews are under fire for giving dangerous and wrong answers. Announced at Google I/O and recently rolled out, the AI summary tool has quickly gathered attention for its comically incorrect responses to user queries. The question of why Google has not removed such a blatantly bad and underdeveloped tool leaves the SEO community puzzled.

The crew explores TikTok’s debut of AI-powered ad automation, TikTok One, a centralized hub that gives advertisers access to creators, creative tools, partners, and measurement capabilities. Additionally, TikTok releases TikTok Symphony, an umbrella for AI ad tools that support script writing, video production, and creative asset optimization.

The last headline on the ballot shows that the Wayback Machine is under attack. The Internet Archive has been hit with a DDOS attack, making it difficult for users to access the California-based nonprofits free site. The nonprofit wrote on Monday that data has thankfully not been affected, but services are still being blocked for many users. The identities and motives of the attackers are still unknown.

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Digital Marketing News:

[00:00:30] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Riverside.FM

[00:04:12] Google faces criticism over AI Overview feature providing misleading and harmful information

[00:15:01] TikTok launches AI-driven tools to automate ad creation

[00:21:07] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Site Strategics

[00:21:16] Internet Archive experiences major disruption from a DDoS attack

AI News:

[00:25:00] Ex-Googler: Google’s AI projects are driven by ‘stone cold panic’

[00:29:59] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: SERanking

[00:31:21] Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion to fund its race against ChatGPT and all the rest

AI Tools:

[00:35:40] Canva Magic Studio

[00:37:59] EDGE of the Web Sponsor: Inlinks

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

[00:39:40 ] Memorial Day Google Search Ranking Volatility

[00:41:49] Google’s John Mueller On Recovering From Core Updates – Maybe You Had A Good Run…

[00:44:10] In the Face Of AI Overview Backlash, Google Updates Docs With How To Show Web-Only Results & How To Give Feedback

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