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#EDGETALK : How to Protect Your Website and Social Media Accounts From Being Hacked

There’s certainly talk now of online security. There are reports of hacking of Sony by reportedly North Korea, as well as the ISIS hack on the US social media accounts. This is definitely something to be aware of.

But companies are in a new frontier now, the digital security frontier is vulnerable for so many businesses — both large and small. What does it mean for your business, and are your weaknesses exposed? What would happen to your brand if you are attacked or, God forbid, your customer’s data is released.

These are brand issues, but there are major security decisions that you should be paying attention to, and we met with a company that handles those attacks – Rook Security.

We have an interview with the founder of this very important resource – JJ Thompson – what you don’t know CAN HURT YOU – today on the Edge!