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#EDGETALK : Social Media Policies & Omnichannel

What happens to the brand of a company, particularly its brand in social media, when an employee goes rogue and starts harming the company with something that they say or do?

There can be so many scary things that could happen, perhaps that is the core reason your company isn’t even IN social media as a marketing tactic.

In this digital era, your company cannot afford NOT to be in social media, as there’s a conversation to be pulled away by something your employee does? Well, we have a great article from Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks. She’s going to go over 21 must haves in your social media policy.

But that’s the start. We are hearing from her about her concept of developing an integrated marketing campaign. The OMNICHANNEL!

Great to have her on the show – great perspectives – ALL THIS TODAY ON THE EDGE!