SEO Radio Podcast

#EDGETALK : Pack The Pantries

We, at Site Strategics, have had a great opportunity to work with the Indianapolis mayor’s Front Porch Alliance and business partners here in the Indianapolis area to promote Mayor Greg Ballard’s Pack the Pantries initiative this year. This is the 8th year of the initiative, and we were selected to be the managers of their social media for the event. We brought our digital promotion talents to focus on a very important issue – poverty and hunger here in Indianapolis.

We are going to be talking to the Mayor’s office and some of the key partners in this initiative, how the drive performed and more importantly, what you can continue to do to help this very important issue.

As we wind down the year, we wanted to make sure that we have our mission and goals aligned to what is really important this Christmas season, hear about this….ALL TODAY ON THE EDGE!