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#EDGETALK : Enemy of Success – the Fixed Bid Project

What is the challenge to every professional service or consultant firm? It’s the estimate – clients want you to commit to it, and so do you. That’s how you got the job right?

What happens when : not all of the requirements were fully established, or there’s a change in direction or the dreaded SCOPE CREEP? Who’s left holding the bag – you, the consultant. Well, we’re talking today about a new view in project consultation, and how it can be a WIN | WIN for both parties.

We’re talking to an innovative software firm here in Indiana that has a new process of projects, time and budgets – and this can certainly apply to you and your business.
ALSO BREAKING NEWS : Google Ruling: Freedom of Speech vs. the Right to Be Forgotten.

It all applies to your business, so give us a listen, today ON THE EDGE