Brie Anderson

Brie Anderson is the enterprising owner of BEAST Analytics and a dynamic force in the digital marketing realm as an analyst, strategist, and educator. Her journey in this field began remarkably early—at just 16 years old—when she devised a comprehensive marketing plan for a band. This initiative combined the burgeoning potential of social media with traditional marketing techniques, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Following this early start, Brie briefly ventured into the corporate world, providing social media strategy for Aramark. However, she soon realized that the monotonous routine and quiet office environment did not align with her aspirations or energy. This revelation steered her towards a path that was more suited to her vibrant spirit and innovative mindset.

Today, Brie thrives in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. What excites her most about the industry is its novelty and the openness to change. She observes that because many digital setups are still in their infancy, there is a widespread willingness—almost a necessity—for adaptation and transformation among professionals and businesses alike. This environment of constant evolution not only fuels her strategic endeavors but also feeds her passion for educating others in navigating and excelling in this dynamic field.

Brie can be contacted on Twitter/X @brie_e_anderson or LinkedIn.

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