Google Finishes Longest Core Update Ever!

Welcome back to News from The EDGE! TikTok has been ordered by the U.S. Government to sell the platform to a U.S. company within 9 months or face a ban in the states. TikTok plans to contest the U.S. ban, claiming the bill signed into law by President Joe Biden is unconstitutional. In Google news, the March 2024 Core Update is complete. This update dwindles the importance of links, prioritizing content quality, trustworthiness, and depth as primary ranking factors. Also, internal troubles are hitting Google hard as they continue to face increasing competitive pressure with declining resources in several divisions. We had to cut this week short, so be sure to find this week’s AI Tools, AI News, and Barry Blasts in our newsletter! Join us this first week of May as we spring into what’s happening around the SEO world on episode 679 of the EDGE of the Web!

News from the EDGE: