Chuck Fields

Meet Chuck Fields, the President & Founder of Space Tech Corp! With over 20 years of experience, he’s been creating robust web applications and crafting databases that just work like magic. But before diving deep into the world of tech, Chuck used to rock it as a marketing director, helping businesses reach for the stars both nationally and internationally.

In the late ’90s, Chuck fell head over heels in love with web technology, and he decided to take the leap into full-time development. His passion? Making businesses more efficient and supercharging them with automation and smart data design. It’s like giving businesses a turbo boost!

Nowadays, Chuck is the go-to guy for mid-size companies. He swoops in like a superhero to streamline processes, banish data errors, and crush bottlenecks, all to help businesses grow faster and stronger.

But there’s more to Chuck than just tech expertise. He’s also ventured into the world of podcasts with Online Coffee Break and Your Space Journey. Yeah, he loves sharing his knowledge and keeping everyone caffeinated on fresh ideas.

You know what gets Chuck really pumped? The fast growth and easy access to technology in his industry! It’s like having a whole universe of possibilities right at your fingertips. With so many amazing tools available to small and mid-size businesses, Chuck is all about empowering them to shoot for the stars and reach new heights.

Chuck can be reached via LinkedIn.

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