Erin Sparks of Site Strategics




Erin Sparks is the owner and president of Site Strategics, a company he founded in 2004 specializing in high-end Web services for small and mid-sized businesses in the United States. His 23-year career in web technology straddles the IT and marketing professions, and includes 17 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO). Site Strategics has been on the forefront of marketing technology for over twelve years and serves a diverse clientele throughout the Midwest and beyond. Erin has directed his organization toward omnichannel digital marketing tactics, utilizing an agile marketing approach which allows flexibility based on performance feedback, resulting in a positive return on investment.

Erin is also the creative force behind the EDGE of the Web Radio podcast, which interviews recognized thought leaders in marketing and technology, and is broadcast weekly to a worldwide audience and has produced over 450 episodes over the last ten years, building literacy among digital marketers and corporate executives. The EDGE of the Web podcast has established itself as the longest running and one of the top ranking SEO podcasts, showcasing top names in the digital marketing industry such as Britney Muller. Robert Rose, Jay Acunzo, Bruce Clay, Aleyda Solis, Joe Paluzzi, Marie Haynes, LiIy Ray and Jason Barnard