Bitter Barry Is Better Barry… NOT!

Welcome back to News from the EDGE! The crew is back together this week as we cover the breaking news in SEO as always.

To better combat misinformation, Google will now require that advertisers disclose election ads that contain digitally manipulated content. This policy will automatically apply in-ad disclosure to all ads that use digitally altered images, audio, or video of real people or events.

Advertisers beware! Apple has expanded their 30% fee on Facebook and Instagram ad purchases through the IOS systems to advertisers worldwide. Meta claims this gives Apple an unfair advantage as the long term rev-share battle between tech giants continues.

Lastly, Google needs to take a trip back to grammar school as a study unveils query components the search engine still regularly struggles with. It was revealed that Google’s system still has a difficult time analyzing queries containing prepositions and the word ‘not’.

Be sure to tune in for all the latest Google, Tech, and AI news this week and get ready for a new round of Lidia Infante interviews coming right up!

News from the EDGE:

Captain Obvious: 

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AI Blitz:

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

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