Gemma Houghton SEO

With over 14 years of experience in international search marketing, Gemma plays a pivotal role as the Director of Marketing at Webcertain, overseeing all marketing endeavors within the group. Additionally, she spearheads the organization and programming of Webcertain’s prestigious International Search Summit.

As the event manager of the International Search Summit and Webcertain’s marketing director, Gemma has been actively involved in ISS since 2008, responsible for the event’s program, operations, and marketing strategies. With a wealth of expertise spanning more than a decade in international digital marketing, Gemma possesses a keen understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and pain points associated with targeting a global audience.

Gemma’s enthusiasm lies in emphasizing content quality and relevance while ensuring the best user experience across channels and mediums. She eagerly observes Google’s evolving perspectives, especially their curated contributions from diverse individuals on various topics, recognizing the ability to establish authority and gain enhanced visibility for social content. Gemma’s dedication to staying abreast of industry developments showcases her commitment to delivering cutting-edge strategies and driving success in the ever-changing landscape of international search marketing.

You can reach Gemma and Webcertain on Twitter @gemhoughton and @WebCertain or via LinkedIn.

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