Gemma Houghton SEO

Gemma oversees the International Search Summit, the Webcertain web design and development team, and the company’s online and digital presence.

The International Search Summit’s event manager and Webcertain’s director of marketing, Gemma Houghton. She has been involved in ISS since 2008 and is in charge of the event’s program, operations, and marketing. With more than 10 years of expertise in international digital marketing, Gemma is aware of the difficulties, opportunities, and pain points associated with aiming for a global audience.

Gemma has been actively engaged in international search marketing for more than 14 years, and she currently holds the position of Director of Marketing at WebCertain, overseeing all of the division’s marketing initiatives.

She also plans and conducts the International Search Summit for WebCertain.

You can reach Gemma and Webcertain on Twitter @gemhoughton and @WebCertain or via LinkedIn.