Jack Chambers-Ward

Jack Chambers-Ward is the Marketing and Partnerships Manager at Candour, a leading digital agency based in the UK. In this role, he not only manages marketing strategies and partnerships but also hosts, edits, and produces the popular Search With Candour podcast. Demonstrating his commitment to inclusivity, Jack is the founder of Neurodivergents in SEO, advocating for greater representation and support within the industry.

With a career primarily rooted in the agency side of SEO, Jack brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his work at Candour. Beyond his professional endeavors, he has a passion for podcasting that spans over 13 years. He is also the host and producer of the acclaimed movie podcast Sequelisers, where he and his co-hosts reimagine and fix bad film sequels.

Jack is particularly excited by the new voices emerging in the SEO industry. He values the contributions of younger individuals just entering the field, as well as seasoned professionals from marginalized communities who are now gaining the recognition they deserve. This influx of diverse perspectives is, in Jack’s view, a vital and invigorating development for the industry.

Jack can be contacted on Twitter/X @JLWChambers or via LinkedIn.

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