Unveiling the Journey of Podcasting in 2024

This week, we welcome Mark Williams-Cook and Jack Chambers-Ward of the UK-based digital agency Candour for a double interview showcase. Jack serves as the Marketing Partnerships Manager at Candour and hosts and produces the Search with Candour Podcast. Marks is the Co-Owner of Candour and has over 20 years of industry expertise in SEO and PPC under his belt. He is also a regular member of Search with Candour.

Discover what it means to be a podcaster in 2024 as we follow the evolution of the Search with Candour podcast from its origin until now. Mark & Jack discuss the fundamental stepping stones they climbed to get Search with Candour to its current status. Understand how to form a proper cadence and why tailoring content to different platforms will increase visibility and overall web optimization. Learn the ins and outs of podcasting and how this unique form of content can amplify your digital brand this week on the EDGE of the Web SEO Podcast!

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Search with Candour podcast

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