EDGE of the Web is a weekly, hour-long SEO and Digital Marketing podcast hosted by Erin Sparks from Site Strategics.


Episode 500 - Epic Fails

Interview with Susan Marshall of Torchlite – Show 164

By |February 9th, 2016|Interview, podcast|

The Industry's Favorite SEO Radio Podcast #EDGETALK : Interviewing Susan Marshall of Torchlite Okay, HIRE SOMEBODY! Is the concept of hiring an individual digital marketer for your company a scary concept? Do they have the right talents, that are market-fresh, or are they stale? Do I even have a budget [...]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 – Show 159

By |January 5th, 2016|podcast|

The Industry's Favorite SEO Podcast #EDGETALK : Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 Welcome back to Edge for the final show of 2015! We certainly have had a busy year, and we wanted to take time in this how to peer over the hedge into 2016, and talk about what thought [...]

How To Use SEO To Build Your Brand – Show 133

By |May 19th, 2015|podcast|

The Industry's Favorite SEO Podcast #EDGETALK : Are You Managing a Deceptive Brand? It's obvious that Google and the other search engines are growing, with their technology and algorithm changes, to determine and understand web entities is gradually leaning towards how real people will normally perceive things from a traditional [...]