Lidia Infante

Lidia Infante, the Head of International SEO at SurveyMonkey, is a seasoned Senior SEO Manager at with nearly a decade of experience. She’s on a mission to propel Saas, media, and e-commerce businesses to new heights in the online realm.

Lidia is a recognized industry expert, sharing her insights at major conferences such as MozCon, BrightonSEO, UnGagged, and WTSFest. Catch her speaking at the International Search Summit in Barcelona, Spain, on November 16th, where she’ll undoubtedly drop some SEO wisdom.

Passionate about data and storytelling, Lidia is not only a powerhouse in SEO but also a fervent advocate for women in tech. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through in her various podcast appearances, including The SEO Podcast by SEOSLY (Olga Z), The Girls in Marketing Podcast, Azeem Digital Asks, The Search Engine Journal Show, Rankable, SEO in 2023, Voices of Search, Weekly SEO, the SEO Rant Podcast, and Branded Search (Jason Barnard), among others.

Lidia’s excitement is palpable when it comes to AI and its transformative impact on content economics. She believes this shift will prompt a renewed focus on creativity, and she’s all in for navigating this dynamic landscape. Lidia Infante is not just shaping the future of international SEO; she’s helping redefine the narrative.

Lidia can be contacted on Twitter/x @LidiaInfanteM, or via LinkedIn

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