Google’s At It Again…

Google’s all over the place! No surprise that they’re facing scrutiny for the deals they’ve struck that have given them an unfair advantage in the market, but they are now pushing for Gemini, their new LLM, to compete with ChatGPT. Content creators – pay attention to the helpful content update that’s approaching. Talk about shaking things up everywhere…

Moving on to AI, we discuss some negative and positive outputs along with ethical dilemmas that are on the horizon of our evolving tech landscape. Hang on for the ride on this episode of EDGE of the Web.

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News from the EDGE:

AI Blitz:

  • [00:33:31] Microsoft calls deceased NBA player ‘useless’ in AI-written obituary
  • [00:34:12] A boy saw 17 doctors over 3 years for chronic pain. ChatGPT found the diagnosis

AI Tools:

  • [00:36:42] MealPractice – Effortless meal planning with AI-generated recipes
  • [00:37:23] – Write your life’s story with AI interview algorithm

Barry Blast from Search Engine Roundtable:

  • [00:40:21] Barry Blast 1: Report: Google Search Things To Know Rarely Showing Now?
  • [00:42:40] Barry Blast 2: Google Tests Blue Highlighting Text Within Search Result Snippets

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