Matt Holz

Matt Holz is your go-to guru when it comes to digital marketing, and he’s rocking the role of Vice President of Product Strategy at FoundSM. He’s all about helping brands shine online and has made quite a name for himself in the digital marketing world.

With years of experience under his belt, Matt’s an expert in everything SEO, PPC, and data analytics. He’s the secret sauce behind many brands’ online success stories.

At FoundSM, Matt’s the brain behind the scenes, shaping the company’s big picture. He’s got a knack for spotting industry trends and turning them into groundbreaking products that help clients conquer the digital realm.

But Matt’s not just a strategy whiz; he’s a generous sharer too. You’ll often catch him speaking at industry events and webinars, simplifying complex marketing strategies so others can thrive. He’s also known for his penmanship, contributing to industry publications to spread the word about the future of digital marketing.

Matt Holz is all about pushing the boundaries of digital marketing and never settling for the status quo. His strategic brilliance, combined with a love for innovation, cements his spot as a guiding star in the ever-changing digital marketing universe.

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