Analyzing GA4 vs Universal Analytics

Matt Holz, VP of Product Strategy at FoundSM, has nearly 20 years of marketing strategy experience and has led B2B marketing teams for multiple large and small organizations. Prior to his role at FoundSM, Matt gained valuable insights into outsourced support for driving leads and revenue while working with Found Search Marketing as a client. He later moved into segment marketing, SaaS, and healthcare IT but was eventually impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, he transitioned to the agency side and joined Found SM three years ago.  Matt joins the EDGE to share his unique perspective and specialized focus on Google Analytics 4. Matt and Erin explore the variances between GA4 and Universal Analytics and discuss how AI has the potential to revolutionize data reporting. Digital marketers, prepare yourselves! We’ve got the comprehensive guide on incorporating GA4 into your marketing strategy here on another episode of EDGE of the Web!

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