Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro, the accomplished Global Director of Technical SEO at Condé Nast, is recognized for his diverse expertise in digital marketing. While his primary focus lies in technical SEO, Paul enjoys exploring various facets of the digital landscape, with a particular interest in social media.

Paul actively contributes to the digital marketing community as a co-runner of the esteemed /r/BigSEO community on Reddit, renowned for hosting insightful industry Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. His valuable contributions extend beyond Reddit, as he serves as an author for Search Engine Land, sharing his industry insights and knowledge with a wide audience.

Additionally, Paul is a founder of Online Geniuses, a thriving Slack Chat community that brings together internet marketers from diverse backgrounds. This vibrant community fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities for its members.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Paul is a talented programmer with a genuine passion for horror movies and board games. In fact, he operates a dedicated board game blog, where he shares his experiences, recommendations, and reviews. This multifaceted approach allows Paul to indulge in his diverse interests while enriching the digital marketing industry with his expertise.

Paul finds immense excitement in witnessing the significant shift within the industry. When he initially embarked on his journey, the convergence of coding and SEO was a relatively unexplored concept. However, in recent years, this intersection has gained tremendous momentum, becoming a prominent trend. Paul revels in this evolution, as the growing recognition of the importance of coding in SEO has propelled the industry forward, opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

Paul can be contacted on Twitter @fighto or via LinkedIn.

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