Victor Zhitomirsky

Victor Zhitomirsky, a distinguished individual, holds a PhD in physics and boasts an impressive academic career with renowned institutions such as the Max-Planck Institute in Stuttgart and Oxford University. Currently serving as the CTO at WebWhim, headquartered in Cambridge, Victor also holds the esteemed position of founding director in multiple start-up ventures based in the UK’s technology hub.

What sets Victor apart is his remarkable versatility and deep expertise across various scientific and mathematical domains. His polymathic nature makes him a true rarity in the ever-evolving world of web technology. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in a technology consultancy cluster in Cambridge and has garnered recognition by authoring a dozen patents. These patents span diverse areas, including palm rejection in multi-touch displays, measurement technologies for industrial sensors, the application of machine learning in patent analysis, and social media user profiling.

As the CTO, Victor’s current focus revolves around the analytical study of the WordPress ecosystem. This encompasses a wide range of topics, such as selecting the optimal hosting provider, leveraging page-building tools, implementing efficient page caching and speed optimization techniques, optimizing technical SEO, devising effective eCommerce strategies, and fortifying website security.

Victor can be contacted via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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