With Core Web Vitals prominent in the SEO community dialogue, we wanted to take a moment to dive deep into understanding the issue.  We researched and found a world of caching and optimization tools, and then tripped across and tested one that had somewhat of a contentious discourse in the public square.  We reached out to Victor Zhitomirsky, the author of an article crying “FOUL!”.  Let’s learn about the CWV issue and find out about Black Hat Core Web Vitals today on the EDGE.

  • [00:08:04] What is the problem with WordPress sites?
  • [00:11:14] Google has a history of trying to help people recognize the speed problem
  • [00:14:29] The difference between PSI scores and Core Web Vitals 
  • [00:18:58] Google understands that the time of the hand-coded websites is finished and we’re in the era of bloat
  • [00:23:31] It’s simple: You have to make sure that JavaScript is not render blocking
  • [00:26:19] What about shared hosting applications and platforms?
  • [00:30:48] The new world of caching tools in the battle for speed
  • [00:31:50] Field Data and Lab Data
  • [00:35:34] A New Solution: Nitropack?
    [00:38:35] Of course your site will be lighter if you remove ALL JavaScript!
    [00:44:13] Nitropack’s Response
  • [00:45:53] Be prepared for a penalty from Google, because you’re cheating.